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While most sprinkler repair companies offer a list of generic services and never quite explain them. This is usually a sign that they really aren't confident in their ability to describe what they'll actually be doing. Our Bowie irrigation contractors are not one of those. We know exactly what we're doing and there are some things that we do better than anyone in the business. Here they are:

Sprinkler Head Repair

our Bowie irrigation contractors fixed this sprinkler headAny sprinkler repair company worth its salt will carry replacement sprinkler heads on their repair trucks. The true professionals will not only carry all of the heads, they'll carry all of the tools to repair a head instead of making a full replacement. We are those professionals. Before we automatically rip out your existing sprinkler head and replace it, we'll do a full inspection of all the moving parts including the spring, the cap, riser and nozzle. If dirt has plugged any of these parts, we can clean it out and get the head working properly without needing to replace it. If it does need replacing, we carry every sprinkler head on the market in every riser size. We have enough of them on each truck to cover the area three times over. With us, sprinkler head repair is done fast and right!

Blow Out and Winterization

an irrigation contractor is testing before doing a blow outOur Bowie irrigation contractors can't stress the importance of a yearly blow out and winterization enough! A sprinkler system is a finely tuned series of components that can be thrown out of whack by even the smallest problem. Luckily most of the components are underground where the only potential issues come from the water supply – unless the pipes freeze. If there is any water left in the pipes, even a few drops, it can cause pipe joints to crack, risers to fracture and various other components to fail. A blow out will remove water from the system and winterizing the system will prevent any more water from getting in.

System Design

hand on a new irrigation system designHaving the right system in place to begin with can prevent the need for costly rerouting in the future. When our Bowie irrigation team designs a custom system for your home or business, we look years into the future to make sure that it will be able to grow with your landscape. Our team will design a zoning system that covers every different area of your lawn. We'll determine what the needs of your current (or proposed) vegetation and select the proper pop up heads and drip lines for each area. For large areas of turf we'll use rotary heads, for foundation plantings and flower beds soft spray heads and drip lines for larger bushes and trees.

Our Bowie irrigation team is ready to help you take your system to the next level with our signature services. Call us for an estimate today.


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